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Perguntas Mais Freqüentes (FAQ) dos pacientes: Estimulação Cerebral Profunda (dbs) para a doença de Parkinson

Seguem as perguntas mais freqüentes. No link da fonte vc terá as respostas. Infelizmente muito longo para traduzir. Utilize ferramenta (p.ex. Google tradutor) para auxiliar.

When should one consider surgical therapy?
What are the different types of surgery for Parkinson's disease?
What are the possible brain targets for DBS?
How does DBS work?
How is the surgery performed?
What are the cosmetic considerations with DBS surgery?
Why must patients be awake for part of DBS surgery?
Would both sides of the brain be done at once, or only one side?
What are the benefits of DBS surgery?
What are the risks of DBS surgery?
What makes a patient a good candidate for DBS for Parkinson's disease?
Where is the surgery performed?
What are the results and complications of DBS at UCSF?
What clinical trials are available at UCSF and what are the advantages of participating in them?
What determines the choice of STN versus GPi as the target?
What tests are needed prior to surgery?
How should the patient prepare for surgery?
What type of follow-up is needed after surgery? Who will program the DBS unit?
How long does it take before the full benefit of DBS is apparent?
Can patients control the DBS device themselves?
Are there any restrictions on a person's activity after a DBS system is implanted?
Can I have an MRI scan after DBS surgery?
Is DBS surgery covered by health insurance?

Fonte: UCSF.

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